How Most Merchants Process

Level/Data I






Visa EIRF                       

Corporate Electronic    

Purchasing Electronic 

Business Data Rate I         

How a Few Merchants Process

Level/Data II

Visa EIRF  

Corporate Level II

Purchasing Level II

Business Data Rate II





How Very Few Merchants Process

Level/Data III

Visa Keyed

Corporate Level III

Purchasing Level III 

Large Ticket    

Business Data Rate III

1.80%              0.50% Less

1.95%      0.10-0.80% Less

1.95%      0.10-0.80% Less

1.45%      0.60-1.30% Less 

1.75%      0.60-0.90% Less 

Above is a small sampling of the hundreds of interchange categories.

Attention: Level/Data III is short for "Visa Level III" and "MasterCard (MC) Data III".   


Visa Level III and MC Data III are based on how a transaction clears


Merchants get confused when they see:

  • Visa Tier 3 (T3), thinking this is good, or Visa Tier 4 (T4), thinking it's even better! Tiers have nothing to do with how a transaction clears, and is not controlled by the merchant.  

  • MC Level 1, 2, 3 and 4: MasterCard uses the word "Level" instead of "Tier". However, they are the same thing.  


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