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Easy Gateway™ was created to accomplish a job no one else was doing: clearing credit card transactions at Level/Data III, and without all the hard work. Merchants don't have the time to key in 30 fields of data. And there's no way clients will enter all of that information on a merchant website. In addition, neither merchants nor clients should be required to understand numerous useless data fields (e.g. "Commodity Code").


Level/Data III clearance brings lower rates. And even though processors regularly promise merchants those lower rates, audits find less than 1% of merchants are seeing ANY Level/Data III, let alone consistently achieving it! When the merchant fails to achieve Level/Data III, the processor blames the merchant for not putting in all the data they require then gladly reaps higher returns by charging the merchant more.


Easy Gateway™ was not born to compete with other gateways. It goes beyond that. It was born to make processing simple and to let merchants actually achieve the Level/Data III - and the savings - they deserve!

The more you compare, the more you will love Easy Gateway™

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