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Level/Data II / B2C (Business to Consumer) 


  • Businesses that sell directly to retail consumers.

  • Level/Data II / B2C gateways are not able to clear Business, Corporate or Purchasing Cards correctly; therefore, they incur a penalty/surcharge that averages ​0​.40% - ​0​.60%. 



Level/Data III / B2B (Business to Business) 


  • Businesses that sell to businesses.

  • Level/Data III / B2B gateways are not able to clear Consumer Cards correctly; therefore, they incur a penalty/surcharge that averages ​0​.25%. 

  • Usually does not support mobile acceptance​​.

  • Requires your customers to fill in almost 30 fields when paying on your website. 





  • Most businesses don't receive only one type of credit card​ (e.g. Consumer, Business Cards).       

  • To make matters worse, Issuing Banks change Interchange categories an average of 200 times each year; getting transactions to clear in the correct category gets harder and harder to achieve.

  • ​Other gateways can clear Level/Data II and Consumer, but not Level/Data III and​ Consumer, forcing merchants to forego the lower consumer rates when choosing Level/Data III gateways.​

  • Other gateways are owned or partnered with processors and​/​or banks. They represent their own interest​s, not the merchants'. Banks and processors profit from merchants' downgrades/surcharges.  



The Solution​:​  "Easy Gateway™"


  • Easy Gateway™ clears:

    • B2C​ Level/Data II

    • B2B LevelData III 

    • Level/Data III mobile 

    • Level/Data III web

    • Level/Data III QuickBooks

    • Checks

    • Gift/Loyalty Cards   

  • Requires only six (6) input fields to obtain Level/Data III​.  

  • Requires only two (2) input fields to obtain Level/Data III on recurring transactions.  

  • Easy Gateway™ works on all browser and systems (PC/Mac).  

  • Easy Gateway™ reduces downgrades/surcharges. 

  • Easy Gateway™ was built for merchants.

  • Easy Gateway™ only partners with merchants. 

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