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Save Time
80% Less Work


  • Easy Gateway™ only requires 6 fields and only 2 fields on repeat sales.


Save Money
Save an Average of 70% in B2B Interchange Fees  
  • Most gateways promise Level/Data III. However, when audited, they usually find transactions are clearing at Level/Data I or Standard Rates (Mid 2% to over 3%). 


  • Most Level/Data III transactions clear at 1.75% to 2.06%.


  • Most Large Ticket transactions clear at only 1.2% to 1.51%.   



Accept Level/Data III Payments  


Now you can even get Level/Data III on the go!


  • Deliveries

  • Trade Shows

  • Sidewalk Sales

  • Warehouse pick-ups



Now, you can even get Level III on the go!

  • You use to have to choose between Swiped Rates and Level/Data III. You could not have both!

  • Not anymore. Easy Gateway™ fixes that! 


Now, you can even get Level III on the go!

  • "Pay My Invoice Now" button

  • Shopping Cart

  • On your site or on a unique payment page

  • Add links to your invoices 

    • Fixed payment amount 

    • Custom/Variable payment amount 

PC (Windows / Mac) 
Virtual Terminal
  • Any system

  • Any browser

  • Only 6 fields

  • Nothing is stored on your system

  • FREE tokenization

  • Fraud tools

  • Level I PCI Compliant  

Recurring Billing
  • Auto-collect set number of payments

  • Auto-collect payments until further notice 


  • QuickBooks integration 

  • Achieve Level/Data III on QuickBooks

  • Collect all payments in one simple interface 

Gift Cards
  • Benefit from in-house Loyalty Programs

  • Free sandbox account 

  • Easy integration to any system

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